EMS and FIRE Symposium and competition 2022: Day 1

November 14, 2022 | 10:04 pm

The EMS and FIRE Symposium and competition 2022 also referred to as the Symposium is an interdisciplinary platform that will bring together international, national and county governments and other key stakeholders to discuss, share, learn and demonstrate knowledge and skills as teams in emergency care especially around fire rescue and pre-hospital patient care. Efficient emergency response greatly reduces morbidity and mortality rates as opposed to late palliative care. Effective and efficient emergency response greatly reduces costs and loss of life and property substantially. The Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians (KCEMT, -a membership organisation registered under the Societies Act in March 2009 and Chief Fire Officers Association- Kenya (CFOA-K)- An Association of Fire Chief’s from each County in collaboration with Africa Fire Mission (AFM- USA)- A group of volunteer fire fighters and paramedics from different states in the United States of America form the core secretariat organising the symposium.

Day one had a registration of 550 people eager to learn new skills and increase their knowledge in emergency response. The event was officially opened by the Managing Director KAA, Mr. Machio.