This committee assists the executive committee in identifying and developing new educational content for EMS practitioners and ensuring that KCEMT’s education meets industry standards and is in compliance with all industry regulation. Responsibilities include:

  1. Monitor requirements and trends in EMS education, certification, re-certification, and standards to ensure that KCEMT education is in compliance with all requirements and meets the continuing education needs of EMS practitioners;
  2. Recommend new courses or course content, as needed.
  3. Determine when there is a need for application or renewal of education program accreditation.
  4. Prepare a CME policy and programme
  5. Preparation and moderation of Examinations through nomination of examination boards
  6. Preparation and enforcement of quality assurance policies on training.

Members of the committee appointed include

  1. Francis Mutunga – Chair
  2. Samson Mwambole – Vice Chair
  3. Council Secretary – Ex oficio
  4. Daniel Karanja
  5. Sylvester Odero

The Finance Department is overseen by the Finance and Administration Committee.

  1. GOAL
    • To ensure effective and efficient financial and administrative operations in Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians.
    • To ensure proper handling of cash receipts and disbursements including advances.
    • To ensure proper stores and assets management.
    • To enforce transparent and accountable practices in procurement.
    • To ensure proper budgeting procedures and budget management by all departments within Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians.
    • To provide appropriate guidelines for Consultancy and employment compensation.
    • To strengthen financial control systems that will ensure availability of adequate and sustainable funds for the going concern of the organization.

         The main activities are:-

    • Implementation of the financial regulations and procedures:
    • Planning
    • Office management
    • Financial control
    • Stores & supplies management
    • Assets control & management
    • Investments and Fund raising activities
    • Credit Management
    • Procurement & Purchasing Procedures
    • Tendering Procedures
    • Budgeting Process
    • Financial Reports
    • Office Management
    • Security
    • Human Resource Financial Issues

The Finance committee shall:

  • Review the KCEMT Finance Regulations and Procedure Manual every 2 years.
  • Developing ideas, setting targets and monitoring fundraising activities by the Organization development and EMS & heath committees every quarter and update the funding tracker for the same.
  • Follow up with departments on submission of the yearly activity based budgets by the beginning of 4th quarter every year.
  • Develop a financial management system to forecast cash flow and monitor operational budgets every quarter.
  • Review of Budgets vs Actual (BvAs) for all departments on a monthly basis.
  • Membership management for annual subscription payments
  • Continuous advancement of modern technology and efficient payment platforms for receiving funds for KCEMT.

Members of the Finance Committee:

  1. Paul Wachiuri
  2. Erick Cortina
  3. Eva Wanjiru
  4. Jared Masenge

The Organization & Development Committee (ODC) is a formally constituted Committee of the KCEMT National Executive Committee pursuant to Article 7 Section 1 (b) Paragraph (IX) of the KCEMT Constitution, 2016. The ODC is further tasked with among others, the mandate of facilitating the members’ welfare, national advocacy, and information management.

Members of the Organization & development Committee

  1. The Secretary Chairs the committee
  2. John Brodrick Ochieng
  3. Francis Njuguna
  4. Lucy Grace Kwe