Launch of Emergency Medical Care Policy 2020-2030 July 7, 2021

The Health Chief Administrative Officer Dr. Rashid Aman on July 7, 2021 launched the Emergency Medical Care Policy 2020-2030. He also inaugurated the Emergency medical care steering committee.

This launch is a great milestone in the health sector in strengthening structures, to meet the multifaceted demands for provision of efficient emergency and disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and building resilience in the health care system.

The Kenya Emergency Medical Care Policy (2020-2030) aims at establishing a vibrant Emergency Medical Care system as a key component of Kenya’s health care system and as an enabler to achieving UHC.

The Emergency Medical Care policy is a precursor to creation of an Emergency Medical Fund as a fulfilment of National assembly resolution that Ministry of Health sets up an EMC fund to assist those in emergency treatment.

The implementation of the policy focuses on priority areas such as the investment on EMC infrastructure, Emergency Command and Control Centers; Ambulance Coordination System and dispatch centers; information and communication technology and strengthening leadership and governance at all levels.